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Western Refonda shall utilize Lisco Gloria

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Western Shipyard (WSY) daughter company Western Refonda having won the tender for the burned Ro-Ro passenger ferry from the Danish shipping group DFDS, shall cut her up into scrap metal within six months. Yesterday, February 22, ferry Lisco Gloria has been towed from Odense, Denmark to the port of Klaipeda and moored within the waterways of Western Shipyard at wharf No 135.
"In particular, an expert, detailed inspection of the ship, and assessment of the condition of the surviving plants shall be carried out, and only then we shall decide concerning the sequence of work. The principle decision has already been taken - the dismantled operating equipment shall be sold, waste shall be utilized, and we shall cut the hull into scrap metal" - said the company Western Refonda director Laurynas Trilikauskas.

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